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From B.Boy dreams to the music scene...

Peter Takáč, better known by his stage name Pietro Royalty, is a Slovak artist, record producer, film director. He was born on April 18, 1989 in Košice, Slovakia. At the age of 11, Peter started to dance. In 2002 he became a member of the legendary Slovakian break dance crew named The Floor Rockers which was one of the first crews influencing the evolution of break dance in Slovakia. They achieved a lot of success in various competitions. The first and most inspiring moment was in 2004 when Laci Strike organized a major competition Battle Of The Year Slovakia where the crew managed to win the 3rd place and advanced to the European finals. Besides break dance Peter started to experiment with music. At the age of 16, he downloaded a software called Fruity Loops and he started to create his first songs. Most of his musical creations were hip hop and break beats. In 2005 the Floor Rockers crew performed as a front liner for the most successful Slovak rap group called Kontrafakt, in Murdardo Mulano Tour. At this point he actually realized that making music for rappers will be his next hobby. In the same year he began to study photography at the School of Applied Arts in Košice. In 2008 a crew named Hastala Muerte was born, with an aim to bring together the best dancers to represent the country. In 2009 on "Bazant Pohoda" Festival he was invited to a bboy battle and was accepted to Hastala Muerte. Short after the dark days came, where after a serious injury he had to bury 10 years of break dance from one day to another. During this depressive period he escaped from reality to find relief in music which helped him through hard times. To give up something that he loved the most was unbearably hard. Music and art shoved him a way, and in 2010 was accepted to the University of art with a "new media" degree in Kosice.